Tips On How To Stop Binge Eating In Its Tracks

Binge Eating

Have you ever sat in from of your TV with a bag of chips and before you knew it the whole bag was gone, leaving you wondering if some chip eating gremlin had wandered in unnoticed by you and ate the whole bag? If you have you know what binge eating is and you probably know what it can do to even the trimmest of figures. Binge eating is not only problematic to keeping your weight down, but to your overall health and confidence as well. The trick to stop binge eating in its tracks is to adapt to better behaviors that help to make it harder to eat that whole bag of chips by yourself.

Always Portion Out Your Food

One of the biggest reasons you binge eat so much might be because you are eating straight from the food container rather than from a bowl or plate. To stop this from happening measure out a specific portion of food and put the rest of the food away so that it isn’t in front of you and easy to eat. To eat more you’ll have to actively get up and go measure out more, making it more likely that you’ll stick with just that one portion of food rather than consciously making the effort to get more.

Use Small Containers to Portion Out Your Food

It’s tempting to get that big bowl and filled it to the brim with your favorite ice cream, but that just enables you to keep eating large portions of food, i.e. binge eating. So to stop that from happening, stick to small bowls, plates, cups, etc when you are getting you food ready so you won’t have room for more of the food that what is necessary.

Don’t Eat in Front of the TV or Computer

Everybody does it now and then, but eating in front of the TV is just a recipe for binge eating. Oftentimes you are just looking for something to do and go reaching for that bag of chips we talked about and before you know it you get sucked into the plot and your eating the entire bag. So, no matter how tempted you are to just sit down and watch a movie with a box of cookies or a bag of your favorite chips, don’t do it.

Fill Up on Water Instead

Sometimes cravings or hunger can be confused with thirst, so keep a steady flow of water into your body throughout the day. Keep a bottle of water on hand at work and at home so that whenever you feel the need to go grab a bite outside of a regular meal you can take a few gulps of water instead. This will not only help to keep your body hydrated, but help to keep you fuller so that you are less tempted to go looking for something to eat to tide you over until dinner.