An Exhausted Mom’s Guide to Sleep

Jess was four months old when I realized I had not slept a full night in almost a year. Between first trimester bathroom breaks, third trimester backaches, and newborn nighttime feedings, I was sleep deprived and exhausted. Something had to change.

Perception Reality

Before my realization, our nighttime schedule consisted of watching late-night TV and nursing as needed. I mean, we essentially had no schedule. It dawned on me that our poor baby had no idea what to expect at night, and didn’t know how to differentiate nighttime from nap time. Ah-ha!

I researched nighttime routines and rituals online, and adapted what I read fit our own style. And it actually – eventually – worked!

Our schedule in a nutshell:

7:00 pm – bath
7:20 pm – mini baby massage
7:30 pm – bottle & story time
7:45 pm – baby in crib, lights out

Don’t be misled, it took a little adjusting and quite a few tears, but we found it. I could finally stop rolling my eyes when I read about babies who slept through the night and moms woke up rested. That was me!

I’m not telling you that this will work overnight (pun intended). I promise you that full night of sleep is on the horizon. future.

Here’s to well rested babies and mamas!