Pregnancy Tips: When You Find Out You Are Pregnant

Positive Pregnancy

When you find out you are pregnant, there are so many things that cross your mind. Some are more important than others, and some can wait. Here is a list going over the important things to do while you are pregnant.

Choose Your Doctor

You have the positive pregnancy test, now its time to find an OBGYN if you do not already have one. This doctor will be the one you see throughout your pregnancy, during labor, and they will deliver your baby. Get recommendations from your friends and family members, and even research them online to see others reviews. If you already have one that you get your yearly pap smears from, you can continue to use them for your pregnancy.

Take Your Prenatal Vitamins

Whether you get them from your doctor as a prescription, or you buy them over the counter, they are important to take. They help provide the extra minerals and vitamins that your body and your baby need. It is important to get enough folic acid while pregnant. The folic acid reduces your baby’s risk of developing neural tube birth defects like spina bifida. While you can get folic acid from other foods, this is a much easier way.

If You Smoke, Quit

Smoking isn’t safe during pregnancy. It can lead to low birth weight, miscarriage, placental problems and even preterm birth. It also increases the risk of a stillborn birth.

Follow A Healthy Diet

Your doctor will discuss with you how much weight you can expect to gain based on your current size. They will also discuss healthy eating habits and what kind of prenatal exercise you can do. Cut back on caffeine as it can lead to low birth weight. Eat more fruits and veggies instead of snacks and unhealthy foods. Your doctor can go into more depth with what they would like for you to eat more of, and less of.

Attend A Breastfeeding Class

This is especially true if you plan on breastfeeding. The class will have women who are currently breastfeeding and those who no longer breastfeed but have for a significant amount of time. They will help explain the troubles you may face, but they also will help you learn to overcome.

Other important things you will want to do while you are pregnant is to find a pediatrician for your child, attend a childbirth preparation class. You can also child proof your home because you will be too busy to do it later on, read a baby book, make a list of things to pack in the hospital bag and start to pack the bag, get the baby’s room ready, talk to your OBGYN about a birth plan. You may want to create a will or update yours just in case. You should also think about when and how you will announce your pregnancy (if you haven’t already).

As always, your doctor is your best resource for your pregnancy, if you have any questions you should ask your doctor.