Tips For Avoiding Bed Bugs While You Travel

Even fine hotels can have bed bugs, so it’s important to thoroughly check any room you plan to stay in. Start by putting your bags in the bathtub. That way you know they’ll stay safe and pest free while you investigate.

Start with the bed you plan to sleep in. Pull back the covers and remove the mattress. If that sounds like overkill, remember that bed bugs are tiny and can hide in even the smallest cracks. Check every fold and crevice, looking for any bugs or fecal matter, which will show as clusters of small, black stains. You’ll sleep a lot more soundly, and enjoy your stay knowing you won’t be getting bit while you sleep.

Look around the edges of the carpet, under furniture, and in drawers.

If you see any bugs, or signs of an infestation, do not stay in the room. Demand another room, or choose a different hotel.

After you are reasonably sure there is no infestation, you should still plan to take precautions.  Even a few bugs can cause a problem. And you certainly don’t want them hitching a ride home with you.

Keep your luggage off the bed. Put suitcases on luggage racks, and pull the racks away from the wall.

When you’re ready to leave, pack very carefully, looking each item over for signs of bed bugs.  Normal washing and drying of clothes (or drycleaning) should kill any hiding pests.

If, despite your best efforts, you still managed to bring bed bugs home with you, don’t panic. Start with some DIY methods of extermination or if you think you cannot handle it properly, call a pest control specialist. It’s the easiest and most reliable way to get rid of an infestation and get back to enjoying your life.