Pregnancy Tips: When You Find Out You Are Pregnant

Positive Pregnancy

When you find out you are pregnant, there are so many things that cross your mind. Some are more important than others, and some can wait. Here is a list going over the important things to do while you are pregnant.

Choose Your Doctor

You have the positive pregnancy test, now its time to find an OBGYN if you do not already have one. This doctor will be the one you see throughout your pregnancy, during labor, and they will deliver your baby. Get recommendations from your friends and family members, and even research them online to see others reviews. If you already have one that you get your yearly pap smears from, you can continue to use them for your pregnancy.

Take Your Prenatal Vitamins

Whether you get them from your doctor as a prescription, or you buy them over the counter, they are important to take. They help provide the extra minerals and vitamins that your body and your baby need. It is important to get enough folic acid while pregnant. The folic acid reduces your baby’s risk of developing neural tube birth defects like spina bifida. While you can get folic acid from other foods, this is a much easier way.

If You Smoke, Quit

Smoking isn’t safe during pregnancy. It can lead to low birth weight, miscarriage, placental problems and even preterm birth. It also increases the risk of a stillborn birth.

Follow A Healthy Diet

Your doctor will discuss with you how much weight you can expect to gain based on your current size. They will also discuss healthy eating habits and what kind of prenatal exercise you can do. Cut back on caffeine as it can lead to low birth weight. Eat more fruits and veggies instead of snacks and unhealthy foods. Your doctor can go into more depth with what they would like for you to eat more of, and less of.

Attend A Breastfeeding Class

This is especially true if you plan on breastfeeding. The class will have women who are currently breastfeeding and those who no longer breastfeed but have for a significant amount of time. They will help explain the troubles you may face, but they also will help you learn to overcome.

Other important things you will want to do while you are pregnant is to find a pediatrician for your child, attend a childbirth preparation class. You can also child proof your home because you will be too busy to do it later on, read a baby book, make a list of things to pack in the hospital bag and start to pack the bag, get the baby’s room ready, talk to your OBGYN about a birth plan. You may want to create a will or update yours just in case. You should also think about when and how you will announce your pregnancy (if you haven’t already).

As always, your doctor is your best resource for your pregnancy, if you have any questions you should ask your doctor.

Tips On How To Stop Binge Eating In Its Tracks

Binge Eating

Have you ever sat in from of your TV with a bag of chips and before you knew it the whole bag was gone, leaving you wondering if some chip eating gremlin had wandered in unnoticed by you and ate the whole bag? If you have you know what binge eating is and you probably know what it can do to even the trimmest of figures. Binge eating is not only problematic to keeping your weight down, but to your overall health and confidence as well. The trick to stop binge eating in its tracks is to adapt to better behaviors that help to make it harder to eat that whole bag of chips by yourself.

Always Portion Out Your Food

One of the biggest reasons you binge eat so much might be because you are eating straight from the food container rather than from a bowl or plate. To stop this from happening measure out a specific portion of food and put the rest of the food away so that it isn’t in front of you and easy to eat. To eat more you’ll have to actively get up and go measure out more, making it more likely that you’ll stick with just that one portion of food rather than consciously making the effort to get more.

Use Small Containers to Portion Out Your Food

It’s tempting to get that big bowl and filled it to the brim with your favorite ice cream, but that just enables you to keep eating large portions of food, i.e. binge eating. So to stop that from happening, stick to small bowls, plates, cups, etc when you are getting you food ready so you won’t have room for more of the food that what is necessary.

Don’t Eat in Front of the TV or Computer

Everybody does it now and then, but eating in front of the TV is just a recipe for binge eating. Oftentimes you are just looking for something to do and go reaching for that bag of chips we talked about and before you know it you get sucked into the plot and your eating the entire bag. So, no matter how tempted you are to just sit down and watch a movie with a box of cookies or a bag of your favorite chips, don’t do it.

Fill Up on Water Instead

Sometimes cravings or hunger can be confused with thirst, so keep a steady flow of water into your body throughout the day. Keep a bottle of water on hand at work and at home so that whenever you feel the need to go grab a bite outside of a regular meal you can take a few gulps of water instead. This will not only help to keep your body hydrated, but help to keep you fuller so that you are less tempted to go looking for something to eat to tide you over until dinner.

Go Grey! Really, Grey Get Out!

If you are like me, the day you woke up and saw a grey hair or two or three, the eeeeeekk could be heard on the other side of town. Very few people look sexy with grey hair. I am neither a movie star nor the sexiest person alive! I am a regular person. As a regular person, I want to emphasize the positive. Curly hair? Check. Blue eyes and small nose? Check. However, we don’t want to show off the negative. Red face? Makeup. Overweight? Atkins. Grey hair? Hair dye.


According to MSNBC, Americans spend billions of dollars on hair products to fight the effects of grey hair. We dye, shampoo and take supplements. According to, the age we start going grey is largely genetic. If your grandparents and parents go grey early, chances are so will you. For example my dad went grey in his early twenties, whereas my mom has mostly black hair with a few greys (pre hair dye.) I have a 50/50 chance of going either way. So what causes grey hair? Your hair cells contain pigments called melanocytes. These pigments make various chemicals that control the color of your hair. The chemicals add brown, black, red etc. When we go grey, the melanocyte’s start dying off, causing the color of your hair to go lighter then, grey then white. Stress and autoimmune disorders can speed up the process. Other medical conditions such as anemia, low b-vitamins and poor nutrition also compound the problem.

According to, your hair is largely made out of a protein called keratin. Keratin is an amino acid formed from the protein in your diet. Adding more quality protein to your diet can help prevent grey hair. Adding vitamins in the form of supplements is suggested; however, according to the article, getting nutrients from eating is the best way to add nutrition and vitamins to your diet. It is very difficult to find out if this is a cause of greying hair, so the best bet is visiting your doctor in regards to the grey hair.

Sometimes, we wish that there was a magic pill to cure grey hair. My mom always did say there is no magic pill. For weight loss, energy the blues etc. The good news is that L’Oreal, the biggest beauty and cosmetic company in the world, plans to release an anti-grey hair pill by 2015. The product will contain a fruit extract that is supposed to combat the pigment loss in hair that causes the greys. This “magic pill” has been in the research process for longer than ten years. It could take ten more years to confirm the effectiveness of the supplement, since greying is such a slow process. The good news is that the supplement will slow the process; however scientists are still not sure if it will actually reverse the process. More bad news is that the pill will need to be taken for life to prevent the grey hairs, costing more money in the long run. L’Oreal plans to market the product to both men and women. This may be an effective solution for people who rely on their looks, such as models and actors. For the rest of us, let’s stick to what we have been doing. I bet though, tons of people will be running for this product, myself included.

In conclusion, really is there a magic pill? I am not sure. There are so many products and cures out there that can be unhealthy. Jacky Onassis Kennedy passed away from cancer at the young age of 64. Many believe that this was a direct result of decades of hair dye use. As a society we really do inject too many chemicals into our daily lives. We must eat healthy to help combat this. In the current economy, we also have to consider our finances. Carefully review each product you purchase and decide if it is worth it, both financially and to help boost your self-esteem. As I mentioned earlier, accentuate the positive. Draw attention to your best features and away from the not so good. Most of the time the features we don’t like are not really that big of a deal. Self-confidence comes from within. The outside package being presentable can really help though! On my uggg days where I don’t feel like being around customers at work and co-workers, I “put on the mug” I make sure my face and hair are done and that I smell nice. Sometime this can make the difference in pushing through to a good day.

Be your best self! How you feel is up to you, combat the age beast in the healthiest way possible!

A Woman’s Scent

Recently, one of my best friend talk to me about a very sensitive topic that most women are embarrassed to speak about in public, even to friends. She told me she has some vaginal odor after sex and seek my opinion (not advice.) I told her what I knew but now, I also would like to talk about it here for the benefit of any female readers who are visiting this blog.

Note: The information is not medical advice but purely information gather from research from books and the internet.

Vaginas are not odorless, and as you progress through your monthly cycle, you may notice that your odor changes from day to day. That’s normal and it’s caused by the fluctuations in your hormone levels. But some women aren’t comfortable with their own smell and want to eliminate it. If you’re one of those women, read on for tips and advice.

The first step is to determine if your odor is abnormal. If you smell something fishy or extremely strong, it’s possible that you have an infection. Yeast infections often produce, interestingly enough, a yeasty smell, like rising bread dough. While bacterial vaginosis and some sexually transmitted diseases can cause a foul smell with discharge. Any foul or unusual odor warrants a trip to the doctor, especially if it’s accompanied by itching, pain, or atypical discharge.

But if it turns out that you have a healthy vagina, and you just want to combat your normal odor, be careful. Heavily fragrance douches, sprays and body washes can all disrupt the natural PH of your body, which can in turn lead to an infection. And, of course, this will lead to an even worse odor problem than you started with. Washing the outside of your vaginal area daily with plain water is what most doctors and gynecologists recommend for keeping yourself clean and healthy.

If you’re absolutely determined to get rid of the way you smell, however, you might try altering your diet. Some women claim to have achieved a more pleasant smell by reducing their intake of meat, dairy, coffee, onions, and garlic, and instead, loading up on fresh vegetables and fruits, especially pineapple. If you smoke or drink a lot of alcohol, eliminating those habits will not only improve your overall health, it could improve the smell of your vagina.

Change out of sweaty clothes immediately following a workout. Shower daily. Clean up your diet. And then…make peace with yourself. You’re a woman. And your smell is a unique and integral part of who you are.