A Woman’s Scent

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Recently, one of my best friend talk to me about a very sensitive topic that most women are embarrassed to speak about in public, even to friends. She told me she has some vaginal odor after sex and seek my opinion (not advice.) I told her what I knew but now, I also would like to talk about it here for the benefit of any female readers who are visiting this blog.

Note: The information is not medical advice but purely information gather from research from books and the internet.

Vaginas are not odorless, and as you progress through your monthly cycle, you may notice that your odor changes from day to day. That’s normal and it’s caused by the fluctuations in your hormone levels. But some women aren’t comfortable with their own smell and want to eliminate it. If you’re one of those women, read on for tips and advice.

The first step is to determine if your odor is abnormal. If you smell something fishy or extremely strong, it’s possible that you have an infection. Yeast infections often produce, interestingly enough, a yeasty smell, like rising bread dough. While bacterial vaginosis and some sexually transmitted diseases can cause a foul smell with discharge. Any foul or unusual odor warrants a trip to the doctor, especially if it’s accompanied by itching, pain, or atypical discharge.

But if it turns out that you have a healthy vagina, and you just want to combat your normal odor, be careful. Heavily fragrance douches, sprays and body washes can all disrupt the natural PH of your body, which can in turn lead to an infection. And, of course, this will lead to an even worse odor problem than you started with. Washing the outside of your vaginal area daily with plain water is what most doctors and gynecologists recommend for keeping yourself clean and healthy.

If you’re absolutely determined to get rid of the way you smell, however, you might try altering your diet. Some women claim to have achieved a more pleasant smell by reducing their intake of meat, dairy, coffee, onions, and garlic, and instead, loading up on fresh vegetables and fruits, especially pineapple. If you smoke or drink a lot of alcohol, eliminating those habits will not only improve your overall health, it could improve the smell of your vagina.

Change out of sweaty clothes immediately following a workout. Shower daily. Clean up your diet. And then…make peace with yourself. You’re a woman. And your smell is a unique and integral part of who you are.

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